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With two full albums, six hit singles, sixteen music awards, including Best Gospel Artist & Artist of the Year, and countless penned songs, Javon Inman remains focused on his purpose: minister music that conveys the heart of God.

It was his grandfather’s church, New Life C.O.G.I.C. (Massillon, OH), where 4-year old Javon would sing his first solo in the Sunshine Band. His parents recognized his musical gifts early on and kept him active in Howard University Children’s Theatre Productions (Washington, DC), as well as gospel, concert, and chamber choirs. The music ministry at Refreshing Spring C.O.G.I.C. (Riverdale, MD) further cultivated his gifts and prepared him to serve in leadership roles such as Minister of Music, Praise & Worship Leader, and Choir Director.

Javon continues to evolve as a creative artist with heartfelt songs and captivating performances which keep him on radio airwaves nationally and abroad. He recently collaborated with fellow award-winning Gospel recording artists and friends CD Porter and Rob Mercer to form the group DRK 2 LGHT. Their debut single “He Keeps On,” written by Javon, can be heard on over 100 radio stations testifying to the faithfulness of God. “We [DRK 2 LGHT] want to be the voice for the broken and the forgotten. I’m super pumped because I get to do real ministry with two of the coolest and most anointed guys on the planet,” Inman says.

Whether Javon is leading corporate worship, directing the choir or penning a soul-stirring song, he is a mainstay in Gospel music and shows no signs of slowing down. Javon says, “God is oftentimes limited to the big stuff happening in our world, but He cares deeply about the minute stuff in our lives, too. I want my music to illuminate that beautiful part in a creative way.”

Javon currently lives in Maryland with his wife and two sons.

CD has been in the music industry since 2006. Rob has been in since 2007 and I, since 2011. We have prayed and waited…prayed and waited…and prayed and waited some more! God heard every single prayer even though at times it felt like they fell flat. It’s been a very long journey for us with much sacrifice, but worth it!
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This Sunday we are honored to minister at Zion of Fred! Come worship with us if you're in the area. Gonna be a great time!! #ZIONChurch #AmazingMinistry #PastorTroy #DRK2LGHT #WorshipLeaders 🙏🏽 ...

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Today Van Jones and Chef Jose Andres received the inaugural Courage and Civility Award ($100M) from Jeff Bezos. Van Jones -I follow his work. He uses his voice to fight for social justice and in transforming flawed systems everywhere. I live by this principle: when your dream is not self-glorification, but it’s to make the world better in your own way, God breathes on your plans and amazing things happen. Congratulations, Mr. Van Jones! Well deserved! #VanJones #JeffBezos #CourageandCivilityAward ...

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august, 2021

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