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With two full albums, six hit singles, sixteen music awards, including Best Gospel Artist & Artist of the Year, and countless penned songs, Javon Inman remains focused on his purpose: minister music that conveys the heart of God.

It was his grandfather’s church, New Life C.O.G.I.C. (Massillon, OH), where 4-year old Javon would sing his first solo in the Sunshine Band. His parents recognized his musical gifts early on and kept him active in Howard University Children’s Theatre Productions (Washington, DC), as well as gospel, concert, and chamber choirs. The music ministry at Refreshing Spring C.O.G.I.C. (Riverdale, MD) further cultivated his gifts and prepared him to serve in leadership roles such as Minister of Music, Praise & Worship Leader, and Choir Director.

Javon continues to evolve as a creative artist with heartfelt songs and captivating performances which keep him on radio airwaves nationally and abroad. He recently collaborated with fellow award-winning Gospel recording artists and friends CD Porter and Rob Mercer to form the group DRK 2 LGHT. Their debut single “He Keeps On,” written by Javon, can be heard on over 100 radio stations testifying to the faithfulness of God. “We [DRK 2 LGHT] want to be the voice for the broken and the forgotten. I’m super pumped because I get to do real ministry with two of the coolest and most anointed guys on the planet,” Inman says.

Whether Javon is leading corporate worship, directing the choir or penning a soul-stirring song, he is a mainstay in Gospel music and shows no signs of slowing down. Javon says, “God is oftentimes limited to the big stuff happening in our world, but He cares deeply about the minute stuff in our lives, too. I want my music to illuminate that beautiful part in a creative way.”

Javon currently lives in Maryland with his wife and two sons.

GM Kings!
1.) I declare God's blessings, favor, and success over you today!
2.) Remind yourself that nothing is impossible with God.
3.) No matter your color, race, ethnicity or religion, let's love like God; it's time for "the healing conversation."
4.) Don't ignore the "red flags" of joy-killers. Release them out of your life.
5.) Put your phone down and CRUSH THE DAY!!! 😄😄💯💯

HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY, Grandad! Love and miss you! #PastorGrandpa ...

I was making my smoothie just 15 mins. ago and I heard my grandmother in heaven say, "You got it, gon' be alright." 🙏🏽 Grad School is by far the hardest thing I've ever taken on. This last semester since day 1 has been the greatest challenge w/the projects. By God's grace, I'm still pushing. Thank you fam for the encouragement yesterday and to my crew for the texts & prayers. My sons are watching...I can't give up.
Advice to young people: Complete your education while you're still young. The older you get, the more responsibilities you'll tack on, making school extremely difficult to balance. It can be done, but it's not fun.

‼‼‼‼ SUPPORTERS, THANK YOUUUU SO MUCH! If I could invite y'all over for some fried fish, jalapeno cheddar cornbread, mac-n-cheese, candied yams, potato salad, collard greeens, caramel cake and a diet coke...I WOUUUUUUUUULD!!!! 😁😁 Y'alls votes pushed us in as a 2021 WAMMIES Finalist! 🙏🏽 It's so DOPE when you have friends who can really sing, love God, have ignorant fun, and release a song about God's faithfulness that gets 120K+ Spotify streams, 17K VEVO video views, AAAAAAAAAND receive their 1st music award nomination 7 months later!!! LET'S GOOOOO!! Thank you WAMMIES & The Musicianship! We are grateful! SUPER SUPER SUPER SUUUUUUUPER DOPE!!!!!!!!!! If we win, party at my house...out back...with a mask! 😷😜😂 #TheWammies #TheMusicianship #DRK2LGHT #HeKeepsOn #GospelMusic #LoveMybros #iLoveYouGod #andthatsonMaryHadALittleLamb 🤣😂
Can't wait for y'all to hear what we have cooking! 🙊🙊😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Can't stop! Won't stop!!!!!

Good morning, Kings! I wish I had the time to tell you the shenanigans and foolishness (some of it was fun tho! 😂🤣 sorry! 🤦🏽‍♂️) that I yielded to time and time again all because I was trying fill a void in my life; they were temporary distractions. Fellas, PLEASE LET US BUILD YOU UP will walk in so much more peace, blessings, and confidence when you surrender every void, insecurity, and issue over to the Father. As men, we tend to think we know it all, have it all together...but the repercussions of our past decisions sometimes say otherwise. Make a different choice this week. Whatever you need, God has it. Just ask Him for it. It's really that simple. #Grace

#Repost @drk2lghtmsc (@get_repost)
Everything you need is in God's presence. Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh unto you. #Man2Man #Devotional #DRK2LGHT

Dear Wife,

Yesterday the boys and I traveled the DMV from one end of the highway to the next, to the next, and to the next to make certain your birthday weekend (and month) is perfect because you’re worth it. At one of the stores, the boys picked up a gift and noted the price with big eyes. I said, “It’s OK...Mommy is worth it.” After we unloaded 5.5 hours of shopping from my car with evening beginning, I realized that I forgot one last thing. The boys quickly said, “Oh Dad, you got it (😂 they were super grateful to finally be home)!” A tad exhausted, but I backed out the driveway anyway, because you’re worth it. I arrived to the store, made a beeline for your last gift and hurried back home. I pulled into the driveway and sat in the car for a few moments thinking about what you mean to me...”I don’t deserve her love” and God quickly rebuked with, “Yes, you do.” After a rather interesting and colorful history of pre-you relationships, I still remember praying for someone I could laugh with into my golden years. Heaven gave me the very best. What a beautiful mother and wife you are! You push me like no other, pray for me like no other. Love me like no other. Is every day a “walk in the park?” No...because you’re married to ME and I can be “special” at times. 😂 Still, there’s no other person on this planet that I’d rather figure stuff out with other than you. I know God deeper because of how you love me. I surpass all my goals because of how you love me and our children will forever be blessed because of how you love them. Your faith in God inspires everyone you meet to walk on water and it blows me away! You are my beautiful, strong, praying black queen. Last year was a DOPE year for you and this year will be even greater -more promises fulfilled, abundant favor, revelation, and joy. I will be on the sidelines cheering you on loudly and passionately like you do for me...because you’re more than worth it! I love you, Honey.

Happy Birthday,


“You are the perfect verse over a tight beat.” -Dre to Sid from the 2002 movie ‘Brown Sugar.’ ♥️

march, 2021

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